Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system and the most used OS on the planet! Incl. new improved features and always-enabled updates, it’s specifically designed to support all the Hardware, Software and Peripherals you have.
$15.17 $136.68
Get all the latest professional features from Windows 10 Pro with this two-piece package! With a lower price per unit, you can upgrade two devices at once for a better value. Available for Desktop PCs, Laptops and compatible Tablets.
$26.00 $55.56
Windows 10 takes a different approach to security, protecting your devices, identity and user information. While the Pro Edition is more aimed at businesses or advanced users, Windows 10 Home is the perfect solution for simpler tasks.
$15.83 $97.89
Windows 10 Enterprise provides all the features included in Windows 10 Pro, with additional features for management, functionality and security, incl. advanced IT assistance for larger enterprises.
$17.72 $119.41
Microsoft Office provides all the essential tools for daily productivity tasks. Easily create presentations, data templates or reports with awesome tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many more!
$37.59 $471.79
The current version of Microsoft Office productivity suite combines all the classic tools from previous versions, with new time-saving features and an easy-to-use interface, especially designed for those who aren’t cloud-ready yet.
$70.93 $684.63
The Windows 10 Pro plus Office 2016 Pro Bundle is a cheaper yet still safe option and just the perfect package for most business and professional users, especially for companies with multiple computers.
$44.92 $141.89
Windows 10 Pro and Office 2019 Pro combine the best of both worlds! This really special Bundle gives you the opportunity to get only the latest and greatest from Microsoft, taking you and your computers to a whole new level!
$76.85 $820.61
The cheapest option to bring your computers into the Microsoft World. Windows 10 Home and Office 2016 make the perfect Bundle for home users, less advanced tasks, and offers better compatibility with older computers.
$42.56 $277.87
If you want the latest Microsoft Office Suite but don’t need the additional features of Windows 10 Pro, this is the Bundle for you! It combines the best Windows OS with all the updated Office tools for a great value!
$74.48 $820.61
Need to upgrade all your business computers to Windows 10? We got you covered! This amazing package includes five different licenses for five different computers, making your money worth and allowing you to save even more!
$52.02 $136.68
A five-license package for the latest Windows 10 Home operating system, giving you the ideal support for your home computers or even small businesses. An excellent value offer for those looking to upgrade from Windows 7 before its end of support.
$56.27 $97.89
The essential program to get it all done. Office 2019 Home and Student offers an e-mail app and the classic Office apps for families and students who need it for use at home or school, incl. Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
$33.10 $177.35
Become a power Office user with the Home and Student 2016 version. Incl. Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016 and OneNote 2016, it’s still a safe option for beginners, students or simple home use.
$31.91 $208.45
Office 365 gives you instant access to all the latest Microsoft Office features available at any given time. Unlike Office 2019 and 2016 versions, Office 365 is a time-subscription service that has to be continuously renewed every year.
$23.64 $94.58
Value package for Office 365 on five different devices with just one account. A robust option to get all the latest Microsoft Office features available on your computers through a one-year subscription-based service.
$35.46 $153.70
Get all the necessary tools for your team’s daily work tasks with five licenses for the best productivity suite! Prepare sharp texts with Word, create amazing presentations with PowerPoint or professional spreadsheets with Excel, and much more.
$120.12 $471.79
Windows 8.1 is a personal computer operating system aimed to address issues in the previous Windows 8 version, adding advanced features to connect to enterprise networks, access remote files, encrypt sensitive data and other more advanced tasks.
$12.88 $70.93
Improve your project design and development skills! Project Professional 2019 is a project management software that helps you develop a schedule, track progress or manage budgets, plus great features for grouping, filtering and sorting tasks.
$39.72 $1,785.46
Microsoft Visio 2019 is the latest diagram and vector graphics application which is part of the Microsoft Office family, that allows you to easily create professional diagrams with ready-to-use shapes or templates.
$39.72 $956.59
Microsoft Project 2016 is a tool that helps you create business projects in collaboration with others. It comes with all Project Standard features, plus resource management or collaboration tools, time sheets, and more.
$29.08 $353.55
With Microsoft Visio you can compose different kinds of graphs, charts and diagrams in general, making it an excellent tool for a fast and simple use, drafting, and preparing diagrams for personal or professional use.
$29.08 $354.72
Windows Server 2016 is a Microsoft server operating system and successor to Windows Server 2012 R2. Released on September 2016, it brought many new features for security, better support and performance, incl. Storage Spaces Direct.
$23.64 $354.72
From a clean interface to flexibility in using Server Manager from virtually anywhere, Windows Server 2019 is a server operating system by Microsoft and a major enhancement of Windows Server 2016 to be a cloud-ready OS for Azure services.
$23.64 $520.26
Windows Server 2012 R2 is the sixth version of the Windows Server family of operating systems and a Windows 8.1 variant for servers. It emphasizes cloud support and brought many enhancements to virtualization, management, storage, and more!
$18.91 $354.72
Microsoft Access is an easy-to-use database management tool that is also included in Microsoft Office Professional. This powerful app allows you to easily create your own databases in all formats to better meet your business needs.
$29.08 $354.72
Windows 7 is the predecessor of Windows 10 and a milestone in the world of operating systems! Even though its support date ends in January next year, it’s still a good starting point to get into Microsoft's operating systems.
$11.81 $43.50
The Windows 7 Home Premium edition provides nice features for basic home users such as Windows Media Center, Windows Aero and multi-touch support, available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
$16.54 $35.46