Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GO (Steam Cloud Activation)

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Features of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

As one of the most popular eSports games of all time, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the objective-based multiplayer game, is definitely a must for all first-person shooter fans around the world. Players can take control of either Terrorists or Counter Terrorists, depending on which team is chosen. This tactical and action game is perfect for players to team up with friends or just play and make more friends since it is still one of the most played games so far.

Global Offensive brings a lot of new maps, weapons and equipment never before seen in the Counter-Strike series, including the Molotov for Terrorists or the Incendiary Grenade for the Counter-Terrorists. The featuring game modes of Global Offensive are as follows: Classic Casual and Competitive, Bomb Scenario, Hostage Scenario, Arms Race, Demolition and Deathmatch.

You will find yourself giving your time, money and love to CS: GO with total satisfaction just because this game totally worth it. So do not hesitate to get this game from us and we’ll send you the game key right away.

Cloud Activation (More Details)

Enjoy this game with our cloud activation service. It is a very simple and secure process. After your payment is completed, we will send you a unique activation link through email. You only need to follow the simple steps and then your game will be activated automatically on your steam account. The whole process takes only a few seconds. This process ensures that your CSGO key is valid and has been activated on your account seamlessly. If your Steam Guard is enabled, you will be asked to type in the code which Steam sent to you through email or mobile app. Your personal data is secure and safeguarded throughout the whole activation process. Just rest assured and enjoy the game in no time!

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